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Premium Payment

NC Grange Mutual offers several different payment options to pay your premium. If you don't want to pay it all at once, several payment plans are also available.

NC Grange Mutual offers both Pay by Online Check and Pay by Credit Card as quick, easy ways for you to submit your premium payment to NCGM. With different payment plans available, you can customize your premium payments to work best with you and your budget.

Ways to Pay

There are currently three methods to make premium payments: by sending a check back via mail with your bill stub, via online check, or by credit card.

VCheck is the third party vendor that handles our online check payments. There is no fee to use this service, and payments are always posted on the next business day. All you need is your name, policy number, and bank routing/account information to enter an electronic check and you're good to go!

For those in a hurry who are without access to their routing or account numbers, payment by credit card is the fastest option. There is no convenience fee for paying by credit card. Even though there are no convenience fees associated with VCheck or credit card payments, there are service charges for using some of the available payment plans detailed below.

Payment Plans

Depending on your premium, a number of payment plans may be available to assist in spreading the annual premium out over the policy's term. The table below details the various payment plans available to you:

Available Payment Plans
Plan Minimum Down Payment Fee* Frequency
Annual Prepaid None Full amount due on effective date None One payment
3-Pay None 40% down, then two additional payments of 30% $5.00 Bi-Monthly
5-Pay $500.00 28% down, then four additional payments of 18% $5.00 Bi-Monthly
12-Pay $500.00 Twelve equal payments $1.50 Monthly automatic bank draft

*Service Fees are charged per billing period; $15 total for 3-Pay, $25 total for 5-Pay, and $18 for 12-Pay.